D.Z. Arms Custom Universal-Style (Posa/Original style) Mounts

D.Z. Arms Custom Universal-Style (Posa/Original style) Mounts

NRA Approved and Designed to fit all 3/4″ Scopes including MVA



Here is the scope mounts you have been waiting for. These are a copy of a Universal (Posa/Original style) mounts with an additional .200″ of elevation (no clicks). Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope W/Universal Mounts. What are Universal Mounts? These mounts will install on “Original or Posa” style bases. This means you can adjust your scope for wind and mirage changes without “holding” to try and compensate for the changes. The picture shows the front and rear mounts with an original Unertl (Posa style) mount on the right side.

  • If at all possible use an 18″ scope to achieve the shortest sight radius.
  • Installation of these mount is accomplished by using Posa style bases (square notch).
  • Make sure to have the (square) notch on the right side so the locking screw will fit in the notch.
  • Below is the Unertl base separation chart (sight radius).

Sight Radius: Minute of movement per line (.001”):

  • 7.2” 1/2 minute per line (.001”) 200 minutes of elevation
  • 10.8” 1/3 minute per line (.001”) 133 minutes of elevation
  • 17.0” 1/5 minute per line (.001”) 80 minutes of elevation

Recommended scope base heights:

  • 7.20″ radius .175″ front and .225″ back
  • 10.8″ radius .175″ front and .275″ back
  • 17″ radius .175″ front and .325″ back

NOTE:    Install base with the square notch to the clamping screw side for Posa Style (this is the best style).

Install base with the 1/2 moon radius to the clamping screw side for Original Style.

Note: If you need custom bases here is a good source.


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