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D.Z. Arms Custom NRA Approved Scopes & Mounts

DZ Arms Custom Scope and Mounts

DZ Arms proudly presents our custom NRA Approved Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope. This scope is handcrafted in the USA using all American parts and provides exceptional clarity. When you combine the DZ Arms Scope with the DZ Arms Universal (Posa/Original) style mounts, you get a powerful combination that provides exceptional clarity with repeatable settings. Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope W/Universal Mounts. What are Universal Mounts? These mounts will install on “Original or Posa” style bases. We offer a scope-ready package that includes the following:

  1. DZ Arms 8x NRA Approved Malcolm Style Scope
  2. DZ Arms Universal style mounts
    • Mounted at 7.2” 1/2 minute per line (.001”) will give you 200 minutes of elevation
  3. Pope Rib
  4. 2 scope-mounting bases

We recommended these scope base heights: 7.20″ radius .175″ front and .225″ back (included in package)

  • Other base heights are available on request
  • If you have a question, please go to our “Ask Dan” page.
  • All scopes and scope packages are shipped Priority Insured.
  • Note:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CANADIAN SHOOTERS: We are no longer permitted to export ANY of our products to Canada; if you wish to purchase a DZ Arms product, you will have to make arrangements to have it delivered in the Continental USA and handle the importation yourself. Thank you for your continued confidence. DZ